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Season Three – Segunda Division: Exceeding Expectations!

So, last year I noted as our cash building season where we would keep the purse strings tight to hoard a bit of money in expectation that this season would be the beginning of building toward the next stage. Season Three was all about investing in the squad, making a team that could push on and see us fulfill our Five Year target (see below). Facilities were not yet at the forefront of my mind as, at this stage, I still feel we’re in that stage where we don’t have time to worry about player development yet – that will come when we hit the big time. We may have been looking at Facilities this season were it not for the on-pitch disasters last year.

The Five Year Target

Having now achieved passed our first milestone of the third season, it was time to look ahead to the next one – the fifth season. Let’s review what we had as our Season Three target and look beyond that.

Season Three – Make plans for upgrades to our facilities – as explained above this was delayed due to the poor second season showing. Instead S3 would be about pushing into the top half of the table and preparing for a promotion push to come.

Season Four – Squad Investment: we’ll be looking to mount serious challenges in Segunda Division and have a squad that I am confident in pushing us to the top flight.

Season Five – By end of season five, or sooner if possible, have achieved promotion to the First Division. Put plans for facility upgrades into motion.

On The Pitch

Footballing updates will be brief as I’m concentrating more on developing the club with a more holistic approach.

Well, as it turns out we totally exceeded expectations! Despite another poor post-winter break run we were able to secure promotion as the second placed team on the last day of the season! There was a slight feeling of disappointment after our early season progress put us in contention for the league title at the halfway point but I am content to take promotion with a squad predicted to finish 11th. We’ve exceeded media expectations, my own pre-season expectations and my Five Year targets.

The Spanish Cup was definitely not a priority for me but despite playing a second choice XI we still managed to progress to the Fourth Round to satisfy what the board expected.

Recruitment and Player Development

Thanks to our financial prudence in Season Two we were granted a transfer budget of £1.06million for this season along with a wage budget of £81,902/week.

Sadly we couldn’t convince Caio to stay on loan for another year and he returned to Atletico Madrid. Anthony Lozano’s loan also came to an end and he made a free transfer to Las Palmas. To add to our worries Damia Sabater rejected our offers of our a new contract and left on a free, later signing for Fuenlabrada. There were loans out for Alvaro Bustos (100% wages), Cedric Omoigui (100% wages) and Javi Lopez (50% wages). B Team player Aleksa Damjanic was sold to Cartagena for £15k.

We had David Concha, Jose Arnaiz and Roberto Olabe on loan again this season. Borja Mayoral would also stay on loan with us and a further extension agreed until the end of the following season (season four). Joining our loan rangers would be Nicolas Schiappacasse (Atletico Madrid) for 2 seasons at no cost. Defender Bakary Koné was a free transfer signing. We then began to flex our financial muscle with the signings of Mahmoud Ragab (Al-Ahly) for £325k, Allan Ngwenya (Zanaco) for £28k and Joao Gois (Aves) for £375k. In January we made a further signing with young prosect Denis Kapov (BATE) signing for £170k.

In our youth intake we were blessed with a so called “Golden Generation”. I’m not sure I share the same enthusiasm but nonetheless took the opportunity to sign up six players who may have some potential, despite some quesitonable personalities. Those players were Fernando García, Biel, Jaume Riera, Óscar (all Palma de Mallorca), Ernest (Binissalem, Mallorca) and Miguel Ángel Rubio (Marratxi, Mallorca).

At the conclusion of the season we said goodbye to Robert Huth, Marc Pedraza and Ariday along with four B team players who were all released following the end of their contracts. Jose Arnaiz and David Concha were out of contract at their parent clubs and, following the conclusion of their loans, both joined Sporting Gijon. Roberto Olabe’s loan also came to an end and we decided against taking him for another season.

Financial Outlook and Club Development Progress


Some finances may seem out of timing but I complete all financial sums using the ‘last season’ column on the Finances tab so that should explain any late/missing amounts (which may come in the following season’s accounts).

It was a great year for us with significant boosts in Gate Receipts, Season Tickets and TV income. There is also a rather large amount for transfer income which came about thanks to a development percentage we got from a bumper transfer for Marco Asensio.

We actually managed to save money on player wages with an increase in staff wages showing the progress we’d made in upgrading our backroom. There was a significant outlay on Ground Maintenance which will be explained later.

No debt outstanding.


Training Facilities: 3 Stars – Good – improvements agreed, due for completion 07/12/2020. Cost: £1.8m.

Youth Facilities: 2.5 stars – Average – improvements agreed, due for completion 01/12/2020. Cost: £2m.

Youth Recruitment: Established – upgraded this season.

Junior Coaching: Excellent – upgraded this season.

Corporate Facilities: Average

Club Standing

Reputation: 3 Stars – National

Finances: 4 Stars – Secure – Account Balance: £8,104,720 (at 30/06/2020)

Estimated Value: £32.21m

End of Season Stats

Most apperances: Munir (GK) – 43 appearances

Top Goalscorer: Borja Mayoral (STC) – 22 goals (22 League)

Most Assists: Borja Mayoral (STC) – 10 assists (8 League, 2 Spanish Cup)

Clean Sheets: Munir (GK) – 20 clean sheets (18 League, 2 Spanish Cup)

Highest Average Rating: Mahmoud Ragab (M/AMC) – 7.45 average rating

Borja Mayoral became our all time top league goalscorer, surpassing Samuel Eto’o who had 54 goals. At the season end Mayoral has 59 league goals for Mallorca.

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