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These are just a few of the FM based things I like to read.

Keysi Rensie

This guy. THIS GUY! Ondrej makes me want to be a better man. Beer swigging, Champions League winning, double FM son bearing Czech monster!

FM Grasshopper

Always a great story to be told on here with some fantastic graphics. Slowest FM player ever though. I basically stole the layout of this website for mine, sorry FMG….

According to FM

Long suffering Stoke fan finding solace in virtual realms of football. Prone to playing Score! Hero or Gameboy FM Touch. He bought one player once in FM. One half of the greatest podcast duo ever to grace the airwaves before we went our separate ways.

FM Samo

Pure Scotphile with a penchant for all things Red Bull (except the drink itself..?!) Founder of FM Slack, lover of controversy, gulper of Irn Bru. Inspired off The Great Tactics Blogathon of early 2019.

Visual FM

I have made a video to list all of my favourite Visual FMers. Visual FM encompasses media split across moving picture sharing platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

This list is not exhaustive and will be added to/maintained as I see fit. Should you wish to appear on the above list please leave your request in my in-tray and I will assess it when I’m doing some FM Admin.