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My FM19 Plans

I’m not going to paraphrase a Wikipedia entry for this club. I’m not going to pretend I’ve developed an all consuming love for this club. I’m not even going to buy their shirt to hang on the wall behind my chair! What made me choose FC Groningen was, quite simply, that I enjoyed managing them on a previous edition of the game. Since FM18 has passed on in the eyes of many, I have had time to think about what direction I want to go with this save.

My Aims for FM19

I’m not setting myself any aims specific to a save, club or competition. Instead, my aims for FM19 are more generalised and aimed at learning the game and its processes better. When it comes down to it, despite my love for the game, I’m actually not that good at Football Manager (this will be a shock to many). Over the FM18 cycle I began to learn a lot more about in-game finances and player development. I want to continue that into FM19 and learn a lot more over a wider range. I’ve outlined the brief aims in the graphic below before expanding a bit further under the subsequent headings.


Throughout FM18 I used a 4141 formation to modest success. I’ll assess the squad and see what spread of positions and roles Groningen have but I may start off with the 4141 I know and develop it from there. I’ve done a bit of research on Groningen so far this season and they appear to have lined up in various formats: 433, 4231, 541 and 532 at least once each. So, I’ll not be taking too much from how they’re playing in real life, especially as they seem to be struggling in the Eredivisie so far!

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Football Manager has great tools to track individual player attribute development over both the short and long term however I have been putting together an Excel sheet that will aide me with this on a grander scale. I want to be able to see, at a glance, the areas where we are improving and the areas we need to work on. I have tinkered with something like this in previous years but with my focus n learning more this year, I feel it will really help. I aim to understand when to train in universality and when to train in specialism, how best to tutor people and what effects the new features like Mentoring Groups will have.


We all know the go to clubs and nations for red hot newgens but I want to learn more about the Scouting Centre and the most effective methods for finding top quality players. Should I trust my chief scout with giving out assignments or is it best to take on that responsibility myself? Should I scout specific nations or regions?

Use Affiliates

I want to explore the different types of affiliate available and make full use of all possible club links to benefit my own team.


I’ve used this quip quite a lot in my FMSlack channel. It means everything and nothing at the same time. My FM19 Adventure will be determined by how the game flows, I won’t set any long term ambitions – I may end up seeing Groningen through from start to finish in this Fm19 cycle or I may see an opportunity to move on to another club. It’s all about enjoying the game and learning as much as I can.

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